Pregnant in Summer

I was VERY pregnant with my son during the peak months of July and August. I was so happy I could wear moomoos and sun dresses, but it was still super uncomfortable.

This discomfort came from the fact that I had 50% more blood flowing through my body and super sexy edema in my legs and feet. I mean I knew I should get up from the couch and move my body, but as both the baby and I grew bigger and bigger the less I wanted to move.

So here are my top 4 strategies to staying comfortable in summer while pregnant:

1) Peppermint oil- keep a roller bottle or spray bottle in your bag at all times. This can be applied topically to areas that sweat so that you get a nice cooling sensation. Also massaged on your feet at the end of your day works wonders for keeping your feet and legs looking as normal as possible.

2) Go outside- whether that’s a walk on the beach or a nearby park, take off your shoes and ground yourself. This energy exchange between you and the earth is magical. Not only will it literally give you more energy, but it will totally uplift your mood.

3) Drink that H20- but not just any water. I love to add a few drops of Lemon essential oil (high quality only please) plus a pinch of Himalayan salt. This will give you natural electrolytes and keep your fluids regulated.

4) Getting adjusted by your prenatal chiropractor- yup, I said it. Those aches and pains that are dragging you down can actually get better. Having your prenatal chiropractor check for any imbalances will help you feel less pain and have more energy!

* Share this with your pregnant friend who is doing her best to feel good this summer! *

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