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Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on the body in a variety of ways. The mother's body is providing the nutrients the child needs and focusing much of its energy on helping the child grow in the womb. Thus, expecting and current mothers can experience pain and other symptoms. Prenatal/postnatal chiropractic treatment can help patients achieve pain relief, boost physical functionality and promote recovery.

Prenatal/postnatal chiropractic treatment is available at Blooming Chiropractic in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, we can use chiropractic treatment to help relieve pain and other symptoms that persist. Our chiropractors will cater to your needs and will strive to help you overcome the aches and pains you are feeling. Dr. Jane Macris, DC will recommend treatment methods that address ailments specific to your pregnancy.

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Benefits of prenatal/postnatal chiropractic treatment

Pregnancy, labor and delivery place a large amount of stress on a woman’s body. During these critical periods, it is not uncommon for the mother to develop health concerns and other physical challenges. Prenatal/postnatal chiropractic can be beneficial for soon-to-be or new mothers in many ways. This treatment:

  • Can relieve back, neck or joint pain, especially in the shoulders
  • Can help control feelings of nausea
  • May help prevent the need for a C-section delivery
  • Can help promote overall health during and after pregnancy

Common conditions we can address

A pregnant woman undergoes many hormonal changes during these crucial nine months. These changes can have a variety of effects, including effects on the woman’s posture and her level of comfort. Carrying a developing baby inside the body is taxing enough, but the aches and pains this brings can often feel unbearable for her. No one should have to spend this amount of time in pain.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Jane Macris, DC can identify an improperly aligned spine or misalignments in different joints. For instance, there will likely be changes to the woman’s pelvis in preparation for delivery. Many women also find that their back curves more than usual during pregnancy.

Customized adjustments

During a visit, our chiropractor will perform what is known as an adjustment on the patient. By placing the hands on the spine or another affected area and applying sudden force, our chiropractor can help promote healing. This procedure will manipulate the spine and realign it to support the proper motion. In some cases, a medical tool to help promote this correction to the spine.

Our chiropractor will use less pressure or even have the pregnant woman lying down on a cushion to help her feel comfortable. The table will also be shifted to accommodate the patient better. There will not be any pressure applied to the abdomen either.

Treatment and care will vary from patient to patient, depending on any other issues the individual patient may have. Our team will focus on helping prenatal and postnatal patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to accommodate the patients’ specific condition throughout the recovery process.

Initial appointment

The initial appointment with the chiropractor will include an in-depth review of the patient’s health history and current condition. The patient should share any concerns or ask any questions about the treatment. We will conduct a physical and take X-rays of the patient’s spine.

After this, Dr. Jane Macris, DC will determine how frequent and long the visits should be for treatment.

Mindful of the patient’s condition

It is natural and wise for a woman to be cautious about what treatments she undergoes. Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, women should consult their doctor before visiting a chiropractor. At Blooming Chiropractic, we will make sure our treatment is effective and safe for the patient before beginning any method.

In customizing a treatment plan, our team will take the time to accommodate any of the patient’s needs and overall condition. Since most treatment plans will involve various forms of manual adjustments and physical manipulation, we will review the patient’s medical history during the initial examination.

There may be some cases where a prenatal or postnatal patient should reconsider whether to visit a chiropractor. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should discuss any concerns with a doctor or with the chiropractor. In the following situations, the patient should forgo chiropractic treatment:

  • She had an ectopic pregnancy
  • She is experiencing significant vaginal bleeding
  • She has had problems with her placenta

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Your pregnancy can be difficult for you and on your body. Even on good days, you may have discomfort and irritation in your joints. Our chiropractors can reduce the pain you feel in your body before and after pregnancy.

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