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By treating physical pain with our professional chiropractic techniques, our team can help patients achieve lasting relief. Pelvic floor physical therapy is one such method that provides benefits to both the patient's pain and other health factors. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help to treat issues with specific organs, the bowels, bladder control, incontinence and more.

Pelvic floor physical therapy is available at Blooming Chiropractic in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. Dr. Jane Macris, DC has the skills and medical tools to address a wide range of health concerns with this technique. This therapy includes simple exercises and techniques that could make a significant difference in the way you feel. We can help treat pain that is hindering your quality of life.

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Pelvic floor physical therapy

Within the pelvis is a muscle group called the pelvic floor. These muscles are critical for the proper function of the bladder and support of the pelvic organs. The muscles also contribute to bowel control and sexual health. Dr. Jane Macris, DC will walk patients through this therapy and teach them how to relax and contract these and other muscles.

The exercises will also attempt to strengthen and stretch muscles as well as help the patient with breathing techniques. By doing this, the patient can begin to learn to manage symptoms and live life to the fullest.

What Pelvic floor physical therapy can help with

While people commonly reach out to chiropractors for adjusting patients’ spines and helping to align joints, we also have the experience to guide people through this therapy. Many patients could benefit from the intervention. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help address some of the following problems:

  • Constipation
  • Difficulty with or painful bowel movements or urinating
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Incontinence
  • Ongoing pelvic pain

Few limits on prospective patients

Discomfort or soreness in the pelvis or pelvic muscles is not uncommon. This discomfort can affect people of all ages, especially women, from teenagers to those who have gone through menopause. Women who have borne children may be more likely to struggle with pelvic problems. However, it is not unusual for a woman to experience these issues even if she has not had a baby.

Changes in hormones can affect the woman’s pelvis and pelvic muscles. Though this treatment is more common for women, men can benefit as well. In particular, male patients who experience sexual dysfunction, such as painful ejaculations or erectile disorder, should consider seeking pelvic work from our team.

Professional chiropractic treatment

Not all chiropractors will offer pelvic floor physical therapy. Patients who seek improvement with sexual performance, pelvic strength or digestive or urinary issues may first work with a physician or therapist. However, our professional chiropractors can teach this therapy and guide patients successfully through it.

Patients can feel good knowing we have the right training and knowledge to administer pelvic floor physical therapy. This treatment is not all about stretches, exercises and concentrated breathing. Teaching the patient is a significant part of the therapy. Our chiropractor will educate the person how to do the treatment on their own when necessary.

We will also teach the patient about the anatomy and function of the pelvis. You can also talk about what problems can arise in this region of the body. Some chiropractors will massage the pelvis. Others may manually stretch the pelvic area to promote functional mobility or blood flow.

Seek treatment as soon as possible

Some patients may attribute the pelvic pain and discomfort with aging. Others may be going through hormonal changes or recovering from giving birth. While these may cause some of the issues, it does not mean the patient should ignore the symptoms. Deeper concerns will emerge if the person fails to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Pelvic pains and the issues that come with conditions here do not always go away on their own. Patients can enjoy relief from chronic problems that have plagued the body for years. Our team is here to help under the direction of Dr. Jane Macris, DC.

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If you feel any discomfort in your pelvis, tell our chiropractor as soon as possible. Talk to our team if you are experiencing any pain during intercourse or when you use the bathroom. Discuss any pelvic issues that complicate or hinder your everyday life and necessary activities with us during an appointment.

At Blooming Chiropractic, we may recommend pelvic floor physical therapy or another treatment method to meet your needs. Call us at (832) 768-1146 today and schedule an appointment.

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