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Holistic massage therapy can provide more benefits to one's health than just pain relief. Stress on the body can lead to many health concerns and challenges. Patients can benefit from holistic massage therapy to help combat these health issues. Holistic massage therapy treats the entire body and focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the patient.

Holistic massage therapy is available at Blooming Chiropractic in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. As a chiropractor, Dr. Jane Macris, DC makes sure that each session caters to your specific needs and aims to help ease your pain. The processes will encourage the body’s natural healing abilities to take over and help you manage the pain, irritation and inflammation.

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A Holistic approach

Holistic massages have similar goals of traditional massages with some modifications. The practice emphasizes bringing the entire body into balance as well as removing emotional stress. The hands-on techniques work to release toxins from the body so healing can take place.

Our chiropractor uses various massage procedures on or near the spine to help accomplish this. These procedures include:

  • Stroking movements
  • Kneading
  • Cupping movements
  • Vibrational movements with the fingers

Where holistic massage therapy began

This treatment is commonly used today by many massage therapists, who follow an ancient art of health and wellness promotion. Holistic massages have their roots in ancient Chinese medicine as well as from centuries-old practices from Egypt and India. This therapy combines the benefits of massages with those from plant extracts, oils and spices.

Benefits of holistic massages

Unfortunately, pain, soreness and irritation are part of life. Everyone will experience these conditions to some degree, but some individuals struggle with chronic issues or severe problems for years. Stress can affect all systems in the body, which introduce a wide variety of health concerns.

A massage therapist addresses pain in the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Their interventions may also help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches and migraines. Professional massages can also improve joint movement and soreness in muscles.

Our chiropractor uses holistic massage therapy to build upon what regular massages accomplish. Holistic massages may benefit patients in many other ways. Some of the common improvements that patients see in their overall condition include:

  • Less physical tension
  • Deeper breathing
  • Proper circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Properly flowing nerve system
  • Fewer feelings of stress or anxiety
  • Possible improvements to the immune system

Specific areas of focus

Holistic massage therapy is not limited to a single set of movements or practices for every patient. Therefore, Dr. Jane Macris, DC will take time to go over the chiropractic treatment methods for each customized treatment plan. One method our team uses is hand and foot reflexology. With this technique, our chiropractor identifies and massages reflex points in the hands and feet that parallel healing points in the entire body.

There is also acupressure, which includes using gentle pressure on the fingertips to bring the body’s energy into harmony. Our team may also perform a Thai massage. During the session, our professional chiropractor will stretch the patient and may use thumb pressure in particular areas to relieve any physical tension.

Addressing a patient’s concerns

Holistic massage therapy can be a beneficial, successful treatment choice for people of all ages and backgrounds. There may be some situations where a person should not choose these methods. Prospective patients must talk openly with our team to discuss any concerns and talk about recent health problems.

If a person has just had surgery, it may be wise to postpone treatments for a time. We may also alter the treatment plan due to the patient's condition. Since chiropractic treatment is a process, the patient may need to make multiple appointments. In some cases, the holistic massage may only be necessary for a few of those appointments.

People who are seeking a new tactic to improve health and well-being should consider chiropractors who subscribe to holistic techniques. As a holistic massage therapy chiropractor, Dr. Jane Macris, DC understands a patient’s needs and will help the patient work toward lasting relief. We will offer a more positive experience to help the patient feel more comfortable at each visit.

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You can feel at ease, knowing our team will focus on the pain and your overall health.

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