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An expecting mother wants to take every precaution when it comes to pregnancy, labor and delivery. Fortunately, we can offer chiropractic services to relieve strain on the body with birth preparation treatment. Birth preparation can involve chiropractic techniques to treat misalignment, relieve neck, back pain, release stress, balancing the pelvis and more.

Birth preparation is available at Blooming Chiropractic in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. Along with aligning the spine, Dr. Jane Macris, DC uses chiropractic methods and interventions to help expectant mothers prepare their body for delivery.

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Chiropractic care can help relieve pain

As much as people dislike it and want to stay far away from it, pain is a part of life. Just about everyone experiences discomfort and irritation in the body to some degree at one time or another. Bearing a child can cause physical pain and other symptoms that can be much worse than everyday aches and pains. That is where our team comes in.

With chiropractic treatment, we can help to ease the pain and physical strain pregnancy places on the body. Along with that, we can recommend stretches and techniques to help prepare the mother's body for delivery.

Some of the most common places for these unwanted feelings occur in the joints. Our chiropractor can address pain in the:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Headaches and migraines

Benefits of chiropractic birth preparation

Women can experience agonizing pain and discomforts throughout the duration of pregnancy. As an expectant woman prepares for delivery, her body and hormones will change. Her center of gravity will change, putting pressure on the back and other parts of the lower body.

The curvature of a pregnant woman’s back may increase as well. Pelvic pain is another typical issue that pregnant women face. As a chiropractor, we can provide relief during pregnancy as the delivery date approaches by adjusting the spine, realigning joints properly and promoting sound balance. Our chiropractic work can benefit the developing baby as well.

Women may also have shorter labor because of regular visits to the chiropractor. Since each patient has their own set of needs and concerns, our team will customize a unique treatment plan.

Helping with birth preparation

As the months go by and the delivery date grows closer, the expectant mother needs to care for her developing baby. One of the biggest challenges pregnant women face at this point is not having much room for the baby inside. We can also recommend treatment to help with pelvic balance. Through adjustments and other techniques, our team can increase the space for the baby.

These adjustments can help avoid problems with the delivery, such as the need to have a C-section. A misaligned spine and pelvis bring other troubling consequences for a pregnant woman. The misalignment will put stress on the patient and could even impair the nervous system.

The effects of this on the baby could be disastrous. As a chiropractor, Dr. Jane Macris, DC can help to improve the mother’s function and health. Better wellness for the mother can lead to improvements in the baby’s development and growth, as well.

Customized treatment

Many pregnant women wonder whether chiropractic care is right for birth preparation. We strive to help expectant mothers feel comfortable when they see us during appointments from pregnancy up until labor and delivery. Even postnatal patients can benefit from manipulations and therapy. Prospective patients should consult their OBGYN before going to a chiropractor, as there are some instances where it would be better to postpone this treatment.

At the initial visit with our chiropractor, patients discuss their concerns and condition. A team member will take X-rays and go through a health questionnaire with the patient. Our chiropractor will decide how many visits the patient should make and what treatments will likely help the most.

We will make any necessary modifications to the treatment. These may include using a cushion underneath the patient on the table, adjusting the height of the table and applying less pressure during adjustments.

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As a chiropractor, Dr. Jane Macris, DC and our team will work to improve the alignment of your pelvis to help you get ready for the delivery. We can make specific chiropractic adjustments that will be beneficial to both you and your developing baby.

Nothing is more important to you than your wellness and the well-being of your precious little one. Call us at (832) 768-1146 to schedule an appointment and begin the treatment process.

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