What is The Zone Technique?

Many of you have been seeing the amazing results people are getting in our office and wondering, “What is The Zone Technique?” Here I am going to break it down for you.

The Zone Technique is taught by Dr Pete Goldman up in Northern California. He blended his teachings with the teachings of his mentors, Dr Fleet and Dr Palmer.

Most chiropractors teach that the cause of symptoms is from something blocking the communication system in the spine (that was me for the firs 4 years of my chiropractic career). This was a very straight forward way to teach people the importance of your spine.

The only problem is there is no scientific proof to show that theory is correct. Dr Heidi Haavik has dedicated her career to chiropractic research, and her findings are incredible. Her results show that when a chiropractic adjustment is given, it balances out the BRAIN. This is way more powerful!

Now we understand that when our body has a symptom, it’s actually because the brain is not receiving the messages properly, therefore it is not responding correctly.

So since we know chiropractic effects the brain, how do we analyse the brain for what is IMBALANCED? This is where The Zone Technique comes in. There are 6 different zones: Glandular, Elimination, Nervous, Digestion, Muscular and Nervous. By assessing the back of your head we can distinguish which is the most imbalanced and then use the chiropractic adjustment to balance out that specific area of the brain.

Here are some of the testimonials we have had after one visit to our office:

  • My sinuses opened up within seconds after my adjustment

  • I didn’t think I was constipated, but I have pooped 3 times already this morning.

  • I have had psoriasis on my ears for 17 years and now it’s gone.

  • My eye sight is so much more clear after getting adjusted.

  • My wrist injury cleared up in two visits after weeks of no progress and doctors telling me I would have to wait it out.

If you are a health & wellness practitioner and you would like to learn more about The Zone Technique, here is a free 3 video series (super short) for you to gain a better understanding.

If you are local to Orange County and want to see how you could benefit from The Zone Technique reach out, we would love to partner with you on your healing journey.

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