Teaching Our Kids “Normal”

As a new practitioner, one of the craziest things I started to learn about our society, is that we are never really taught what bodily functions are normal.

We go to coffee with our girlfriends and share what’s happening to our body, and when they validate it, we assume it to be “normal”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it’s normal, rather it’s common.

In our office, we love helping people get amazing results, and help their body to initiate healing, but if you aren’t even aware there is a problem, we can’t help!

One of the most common ones I hear is about pooping. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they poop once every 2-3 days (or more) and think that’s normal! It may be common, but it is definitely not normal function of our body. Just think, all that toxic waste sitting in you, yuck!

This is a MAJOR reason we ask our kids in the office if they have pooped that day! We want to teach them pooping at least once a day is normal. When they start to hear it enough, they will know to ask “Why haven’t I pooped today?”

This question makes them really think about how their body is working. Then it can become a game on how to support their body to do it’s job. Do they need to eat/drink differently, sleep/rest more or handle stress? Of course all with our support. We are their guides until it is time for them to fly on their own.

Here are some daily questions to ask your kiddos, so they can start to take control of their own health and know how to take care of themselves:

  • Did you poop today? Was it hard to get out? Did it come out fast?

  • How’d you sleep last night? Did you have dreams? Did you wake up?

  • How is your body feeling? Do you have any itches, owies, tickles?

  • Is your body feeling tired? Are your eyes heavy? Do you have energy to play?

  • Did your body get enough water today? How many times did you pee today? Are your lips dry?

What questions do you ask your kiddos to help them learn more about their body?

* If you know a momma that would love this blog, ask if they would like to read it and send it their way! *

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