Chronic Ear Infections

This week we had the sweetest little man come to our office. Unfortunately, most kids come to our office because they are in a crisis, which this guy was. His mom informed me that he was experiencing chronic ear infections over the past year. All of these led to using antibiotics 6 times already that year, and she really didn’t want to put him on them again. <I am all for using antibiotics in the right time and place. Remember doing the same thing over and over with the same results is called insanity.> I could see the worry in her eyes, that I was her last resort. Did I mention he was having difficulty hearing? As if getting your kids to listen isn’t hard enough… he legit couldn’t hear her.

Her next step with her pediatrician was to do another round of antibiotics and then put tubes in his ears. The hardest part of mothering is to make those decisions for your child, and to truly KNOW that is what is needed. Thank goodness she had the smarts to try something new.

Now I know trying something new can be scary and weird. Especially something we understand is great for adults, but why kids?!? <chiropractic care>

Let me share with you a little bit about the structure of a child’s ear tube versus an adult.

As a child our tubes are actually parallel to the floor, making them very straight. Imagine a flood in a very flat terrain, the water just sits there in a large puddle, right?

Now adults tubes evolve with a small slant. Imagine a flood in an area with more elevated terrain, the water moves towards the lower terrain. Therefore it is easier for adults ears to drain by themselves. This is also why we see more recurrent ear infections in children than adults.

So how does chiropractic care help with this? The muscles around the ear tubes are intervened by the !st through 4th cervical spinal nerves. When these nerves are stressed they can cause the muscles to be tight keeping the fluid from draining. A gentle chiropractic adjustment releases this tension allowing drainage to occur.

Other ways to support the healing of ear infections in kids ears are:

  • Elevate their bed. As the fluid drains it may go into their lungs causing a cough.

  • Warm compresses with the clogged ear facing down.

  • Pulling the top of the ear up to drain.

  • Apply diluted melaleuca and lavender essential oil around the ear (please make sure you are using Certified Therapeutic Grade).

  • Lymph massage around the head and neck to support the immune system.

  • Eliminate dairy and sugar.

Do you have a mom friend that could use this information? Now don’t assume (That makes an ASS out of U and ME), but ASK if she’d like to get her hands on this!

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