Living a Vibrant Life

What does it mean to live a vibrant life? Everything is made of energy, including us! Allowing your energy to flow is key.

To be vibrant means that you are full of life energy. This is very clear when you compare someone who is known for their "high energy" personality versus someone who is grumpy. 

What factors affect our ability to let this energy flow?

  • rest for our body & mind
  • fuel are we putting into our body
  • thoughts we think to ourselves
  • movement of our body

The last piece that most don't think about is flexibility of the nervous system.

The nervous system is what coordinates every single function of the human body. For example, the brain sends energy through the spine out to the stomach telling it to digest the food that has just entered. Once the food has been completely digested, the stomach sends energy up to the brain to signal it to stop. But what if there is something interrupting or blocking this communication pathway? This caused dis-coordination, or dysfunction of the system.

The best way to know if there is something keeping you from living a vibrant life is to visit your local chiropractor and get checked.  Call 832.768.1146 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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