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What are other mommas saying?

Receiving body work in any form, especially during a sacred time during pregnancy and beyond can bring on uncertainty. Here at Blooming Chiropractic we want you to feel like you are part of our family. Go ahead and see what other mommas are saying about the care they receive here at Blooming Chiropractic:


Laurel, mother of two from Huntington Beach

"My family has been seeing Dr. Jane professionally for many months now. Our  son was 2 when he started seeing her and she made a big difference in his  teeth grinding and bowel issues almost immediately.  I'm pregnant and have  been seeing her weekly. It has made a HUGE difference in so many areas; I  only wish I knew her when I was pregnant with our first. Dr. Jane is an amazing, compassionate and extremely generous woman. We HIGHLY recommend her  for your whole family."

Melissa, mother of two in Costa Mesa

"I started going to Dr Jane almost a year ago because of lower spine issues.  I was very happy with her intuitive ways and that she doesn't just do the same adjustments every time.  She takes the time to see what's going on with you before she jumps in.  So, after a few months of my husband hearing how great she was, he started going to her and now we go as a family with our 2 kids who love going to see Dr. Jane as well.  We are a physical family with golf, gymnastics, MMA and bootcamp every week and Dr. Jane helps us all stay healthy!"

Victoria, mother of 2 from Huntington Beach

“We love Dr. Jane! I started seeing her early in my 2nd pregnancy because of  rib pain during and after my first son was born. She ended up helping  tremendously with other issues including chronic congestion and sneezing,  and boosting my immunity. I love her approach - she sees you as a full person and treats you as such. When I had my second she did a home visit and also  assessed my baby - it was heaven to have that care postpartum. She is caring  and flexible as often as a working mom appointments need to change and she  is happy to have your little ones attend appointments with you - they have fun  too playing with all the toys.”