What is the Webster Technique?

If you have been googling “prenatal chiropractor” then you have probably already heard of the Webster Technique. It’s one of those trendy words to catch your attention, but do you really know what it means? If not, then you should keep reading…

The Webster Technique is a way to check the bones, ligaments and muscles of the pelvis for any imbalances. Since your ligaments are loosey goosey (thanks Relaxin), and babe thinks your pelvic floor is it’s own personal trampoline, then it can become a lot easier for your joints and muscles to go haywire (let’s not mention the whacky sleeping positions or ways we hold our kids on our hips). This is why we use the Webster Technique on ALL of our pregnant mommas, whether you have low back pain, pubic pain, sciatica, and/or a malpositioned babe AKA your baby is NOT head down.

By balancing the sacrum (the pizza shaped bone right above your tailbone) your brain can now understand if the pain is real or not. Then the round ligament that stretches as your uterus doubles and triples in size may be tighter on one side, creating tension in your abdomen. And your psoas muscle, oh the psoas muscle… some call it the muscle of the soul. This can be tight due to long periods of sitting and will also create tension.

When you hear tension, you think contracted, tight, hard, and stuck right? That’s exactly what’s happening.


Check out this momma before and after her adjustment using the Webster Technique. Notice that after her adjustment, the curve in her low back relaxes and the tightness in her belly goes down... how cool!

If you are pregnant and seeing a chiropractor that does NOT use the Webster Technique on you, I would highly recommend finding a chiropractor near you that does. You can search HERE and make sure they are Webster Certified.