Break Through Your Patterns

On a walk with the littles last week, we saw the roots of a tree emerging between the cracks of the concrete pathway. It made the perfect incline for my son to gain some speed on his scooter and feel the wind in his face and enjoy the momentum going downhill.

This subtle, but monumental moment has stuck with me. Why, you ask? Because the tree was not complaining that someone build this path on top of her roots, rather she continued to do what she does best which is grow deeper roots. Finally after some time, her roots pushed through this concrete to once again see the sun shine.

This reminds me of the human body, because really we are the same elements of the tree. Things happen in life. Change is inevitable. But we have the CHOICE on how we act on these circumstances. We can either focus on the negative, or the positive. You know the old saying, "Is the cup half empty or half full?"

We perceive our whole life through our nervous system. We see, touch, smell, taste and even feel everything around us because our brain interprets it a certain way. Sometimes we can get stuck in a certain pattern, which then manifests into a physical pain or dis-ease. Chiropractic helps unwind stress and tension held in the nervous system, and even help us learn new ways of being! If you are interested in learning more about chiropractic, and how it can help you, call 832.768.1146 for your complimentary consultation today!